Dan has always been fascinated by Africa. From his earliest memories the continent represented a distant magical place that captivated him. While studying at the University of California Davis, he completed an internship in Namibia at an animal rehabilitation center. From the moment his foot hit African soil, Dan knew that his life had changed forever. Since then, he has released troops of baboons back into the wild, traveled throughout sub-Saharan Africa, guided international guests on safari, and managed five-star lodges in the heart of the Okavango Delta. He is an avid birder, photographer, and conservationist. The conservation of Africa’s wildlife and places is what brought Dan to Africa, and he is thankful to be able to share his love for this diverse and captivating continent with others.


Mandy first traveled to Africa to pursue her passion for wildlife conservation. At a wildlife rehabilitation and release center in South Africa, she served as a surrogate mother for orphaned baboons and helped form cohesive troops by fostering and modeling important social skills. She also spent her time in Africa achieving her Field Guide qualifications, hosting guests as a manager at a lodge in the Okavango Delta, and traveling whenever possible! Early on, Mandy knew she wanted to help others experience Africa's soul-stirring beauty. To her, Africa is a place where time slows, everyday distractions take a back seat, and nature reveals itself in the most magical ways. She wishes everyone could experience its magic, and feels lucky to be able to help clients build and plan their African safari! She is passionate about getting to know each client, looking after of all of the little details and logistics, and taking care of them throughout their journey.


Africa is a massive continent and planning a safari requires hours of research and careful decisions. Eager travelers start out planning with tons of enthusiasm, but quickly get bogged down in loads of information and easily become discouraged. There are so many safari destinations to choose from. How do you know which ones to choose? How do you know if the place you visit positively impacts their local community and acts as careful custodians of their environment?


You need personalized guidance and advice from people who've been there and are passionate about the wellbeing of Africa's people, wildlife, and environments. Our team of safari experts at Safari True has years of experience living, working, and traveling through East and Southern Africa and an unwavering passion for safari life and Africa's communities and wild places.

We are here to help you plan a safari, completely customized to your wishes, comforts, and travel style!


“My wife and I have traveled in Asia, Europe, North and South America and have had some great trips, but our safari arranged by Safari True tops all of our previous adventures.”
— Bob Wilson, Hillsboro, MO

"Mandy and Dan put together exactly the trip we asked for and were available to help when we needed it. It was a trip of a lifetime!!”
— Doris Spitzig, San Francisco, CA

"We traveled to Africa for our first time in May 2016. Safari True set up a unique trip tailored to our needs and wishes. We changed our minds several times throughout the planning process and never had an issue. Mandy and Dan were flexible and always gracious in accommodating us. Because of their professionalism and caring attitudes, we were able to travel worry free. Every experience they set up for us proved extraordinary. The lodges were superb and within our budget. We were also pleased to see how dedicated these lodges were to helping their local communities grow and thrive. Thank you Safari True for such an exceptional adventure. We will be back!”
— Pat Ostroff, Citrus Heights, CA

“Safari True surpassed all of our expectations! This was truly a life-changing trip. Safari True coordinated and oversaw every aspect of our safari, and it was literally perfect. We recommend them with a 5 star + rating. We received amazing customer service by Safari True and their affiliates, and the quality of our safari was excellent. We will return to Africa and we will use Safari True again to build our custom itinerary. Thank you Safari True!”
— Helen C., San Carlos, CA


We strive to deliver a prompt, reliable, and consistent service to help our clients realize their dream of experiencing Africa’s true and natural beauty. We embody honesty and integrity in all aspects of Safari True, and we maintain environmentally and socially responsible actions and decisions. Our thoughtfully crafted safaris feature destinations and suppliers handpicked by us due to their quality of service and dedication to responsible tourism practices.