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Lower Zambezi National Park is located on the southern border of Zambia, opposite Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. The Zambezi River flows along the park’s southern border, surrounded by pools and floodplains that attract great concentrations of wildlife. Most safari activities take place along the river and its floodplains, with the Great Rift Escarpment as a backdrop. The park’s main draw is its remote location, off the beaten path. This wild and secluded wilderness is home to a few lodges, and a relatively low number of tourists visit each year. The Lower Zambezi’s wildlife experience is perfect for patient explorers who enjoy discovering nature’s magic at its own pace. Skilled, professional guides track down precious wildlife to reveal intimate wildlife sightings.


In September, temperatures rise and the landscape becomes progressively drier as the region awaits the summer rains. Wildlife congregates around the Zambezi River, and migratory birds begin to arrive. Typically, by November the first rains fall. The rejuvenated bush signals the start of the birthing season. Plains are filled with life as antelopes drop the next generation of young during this time of plenty. As the rains continue, logistics become difficult and camps in the park close, to reopen in April.

By April, the heavy rains have stopped and temperatures become more and more comfortable. Animals are widely dispersed, as food and water are abundant. In June, the region welcomes winter, and the colors of the bush fade. It’s best to dress in layers during this time of year, as nights and early mornings become quite chilly. Large herds of elephants and buffalo, and families of hippos become concentrated around these permanent water systems, providing great wildlife spectacles. The winter’s dry, thin landscape also provides phenomenal walking experiences.

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The Lower Zambezi’s diverse vegetation and specialized habitats support an amazing population of wildlife. The life-giving waters of the Zambezi River and surrounding floodplains and pools attract large pods of hippos, high concentrations of elephants, and buffalo herds. A wide variety of antelope appear here, along with predators that keep this dynamic wilderness in check. Lion prides, leopards, hyenas, jackals, and occasionally wild dogs move throughout the park. The Lower Zambezi also hosts an amazing population of 400 bird species, with incredible water birds and migratory visitors.

  • Set out on a walk through the bush and let your guide introduce you to the distinctive characteristics of animal tracks and signs. Discover the region’s unique birds, plants, and insects on foot!

  • Hop aboard a pontoon riverboat and enjoy a relaxing journey down the river. Explore the riverbank and deep channels, and watch wildlife visit the river’s edge.

  • Listen to the sounds of grunting hippos and flowing water as you as you canoe down the Zambezi River.

  • Enjoy one of the most productive fishing locations around! Whether a novice or expert, embark on a catch-and-release fishing expedition with a local expert guide, and try to boat a wily tiger fish.

  • Explore the area after sunset in search of elusive nocturnal creatures. Listen to the calls of hyenas and lions as they communicate across the bush.