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Located in the southeastern corner of Zimbabwe, the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is set on 150,000 acres of wilderness bordering Gonarezhou National Park. This remote safari hideaway is home to Singita’s Pamushana Lodge, situated among rocky ridges with vast views of the 1500-acre Malilangwe Dam. The area’s landscape of mountain acacia woodlands, ironwood thickets, towering baobab trees, and vast lake waters create a spectacular backdrop. An amazing population of wildlife, more than 500 species of birds, a wealth of raptors, and ancient rock paintings are highlights in this special region.

In addition to the incredible wildlife, birdlife, and spectacular scenery, part of the magic of Pamushana comes from Singita’s positive work. Their ecological research projects, protection of endangered species, sustainable community development, and outreach projects serve as a model and create a positive energy throughout.


The region begins its transition into winter in April, and as it progresses, temperatures fall, inland water sources dry up, and wildlife is drawn to permanent water sources. Dry winter months provide easier wildlife viewing, as grasses remain short and trees carry less foliage. Winter’s moderate temperatures last through August and reach into the low 80s during the day, cooling to the low 60s at night.

From September to October, the area begins its transition into summer, and temperatures gradually rise and can reach the low 90s during the heat of the day. By December the rains arrives, bringing relief to the parched landscape and its wildlife. Rainfall, in the form of short afternoon thundershowers, briefly cools the warm summer air and typically lasts into March. The abundance of fresh food during the green season signals the start to the birthing season for many species, and the area fills with a new generation of young.

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The rich geological diversity of Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve supports an amazing 38 different ecological zones! Abundant habitats support an incredible diversity of species throughout this magical region. Giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, impalas, and huge herds of buffalo can be seen moving across its open plains. Sable antelope and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest can be found in the woodlands. Pamushana overlooks a massive lake where elephants, pods of hippos, massive crocodiles, and beautiful water birds can be seen. Elusive leopards, prides of lions, hyenas, wild dogs, and cheetahs compete with one another and keep the herbivore population in check. Malilangwe also serves as one of Zimbabwe’s safe havens for white and black rhinos.

  • Hop in a 4x4 vehicle with a professional guide and tracker, and explore Malilangwe’s varied habitats. Capture photographs and spend time with its fascinating wildlife.

  • Learn about the positive, uplifting work of Singita’s community and conservation development programs on a visit to meet the beautiful people that call this place home.

  • Take a journey back into time on a historical tour of the area. View ancient rock art by San Bushmen, the original hunter-gatherers and one of earth’s oldest, continuous cultures

  • Take a sunset cruise on the waters of the dam, and watch wildlife quench their thirst along its edges.

  • Mountain biking, available for experienced riders only, takes you across Malilangwe’s rugged landscape as you explore this wilderness alongside your guide and tracker.