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Swakopmund is a charming town centrally located on Namibia’s Atlantic coast. When Namibia was a German colony, this city was established to serve as a maritime harbor, but after South Africa took control of the colony in 1915, its maritime operations moved south to Walvis Bay. Today Swakopmund is a quaint town and an ideal tourist stop due to its convenient location between the Namib Desert to the south; Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, to the east; and Damaraland to the north.

While Swakopmund offers plenty to see and do, it is also a great place to explore at your own pace. From shopping, dining, and sightseeing to adrenaline-filled actives like skydiving, quad biking, and sand boarding, there is something for every type of traveler. You can tour the harbor and Atlantic Ocean by boat, explore the colonies of Cape fur seals and coastal shipwrecks, or take a scenic flight over the harsh Skeleton Coast.


There is little differentiation between seasons in Swakopmund. Minimal rain and climatic variations occur throughout the year, due to its geographical location. Swakopmund is often covered in a dense fog, sometimes for over 200 days a year, as the cold air off the Atlantic Ocean collides with warm inland air. The constant flow of cold coastal air creates a slight decrease from the high 60s in summer to the low 60s in winter.

HIGH (F°) 74° 76° 74° 72° 72° 70° 70° 66° 66° 68° 72° 74°
LOW (F°) 62° 62° 62° 58° 54° 52° 50° 50° 52° 54° 58° 60°
RAINFALL (mm) 2 3 6 2 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 1

Swakopmund is not a destination focused on wildlife, but it offers plenty to see and do. A trip to Cape Cross to see one of the world’s largest colonies of Cape fur seals is a unique wildlife experience. The harbors and bays surrounding Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are home to an incredible population of marine mammals and water birds. Massive flocks of flamingos congregate along the Walvis Bay lagoon each year and dolphins, whales, and seals can be seen swimming in coastal waters.

  • Embark on a marine excursion along the Atlantic coastline. Keep an eye out for dolphins, whales, and Cape fur seals.

  • Enjoy the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean at one of Swakopmund’s beachside restaurants or cafés.

  • Go on an adrenaline-filled adventure! Skydive or tour the area by plane to see expansive views of the region’s rolling sand dunes and Atlantic coastline. Explore the sand dunes on a quad bike or carve your way down a dune on a sand board.

  • Take a trip north through the Namib Desert, along a coastline littered with abandoned shipwreck remains, on the way to the Cape Cross seal colony.